Creating a Ticket via the Support Portal



This article lists the steps to create a new Agmeni support request via the Support Portal. It also details the procedure for contacting us via Chat. Additionally, the article provides a reference for phone and email contact details. 



Access to the Agemni Support Portal




  1. Go to the Support portal.
  2. Log in by entering your email and password.


    If this is the first time you are using our support portal, please refer to the Accessing the Support Portal for the First Time article.
    After logging in, you are directed to the Home Page, where you can access the product announcements, documentation, and technical articles for Agemni.


Using the Ticket Creation Form

  1. Click on the Submit a request button.


  2. Complete the Ticket creation form.


  3. Click on the Submit button.
    Once the ticket is submitted, you get a receipt via email, and you are redirected to the ticket details page.


Contacting us via Chat

  1. From anywhere within the Support portal, click on the chatbot icon.

  2. In the chat window that opens, confirm that you would like to chat with a support agent by clicking Yes.




Additional Information

Additionally, you can also create a ticket by contacting us via email ( or phone. Please refer to the Contacting Agemni Support article.

Please note that in order to protect your data in compliance with GDPR guidelines, all tickets created via email are assumed to contain sensitive data. Hence, the ticket comments can only be accessed through the web portal. If you would like to receive ticket comments via email, please go to the portal to acknowledge that the ticket does not contain any sensitive data.


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